July Craftsman Article: Traveling Committee

From the West
My brothers, I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable Independence Day. I would also like to congratulate the officers of the lodge for putting on a great degree last week. We welcomed two new initiates, now Entered Apprentices to our numbers. Furthermore, a many thanks to all the brothers that helped make the Annual picnic a success. We enjoyed plenty of food and fellowship with friends and family.

On another note some brothers believe that it would be a great idea to take a trip to Washington D.C. to visit all the Masonic sites. Places like the George Washington Masonic Memorial, The House of the Temple, several Lodges and various other sites like the Library of Congress and the National Cathedral are full of Masonic insight and influence. Personally visiting DC on several occasions, this would be an awesome trip for us as a lodge. A second trip could be to the Bahamas to rekindle our relations with our brothers over there. I am told that Hibiscus once had a good and constant relationship with a lodge in the Bahamas. This is indeed something to look into. If any brother is interested in traveling to either location please contact me or the traveling committee to start organizing the details and making the travel arrangements.

S∴ W∴ Michael Araguez